Madison Wilde Exploited College Girls

Madison Wilde Exploited College Girls

That Pussy Is Kryptonite Girl

Madison Wilde Exploited College Girls

Madison Wilde Exploited College Girls Review

Madison Wilde Exploited College Girls is an unusual ExCoGi update because it turns out she’s not a first timer. She admitted after filming that it was not her first time and she lied. By the time this was filmed in November 2022, she had been in the industry three years. Due to this the studio didn’t know whether to release the scene or not. But the sex was so good that it would be crazy not to.

It may be worth skipping over the interview segment of this scene and getting straight to the action. She is a pro after all. It’s clear that she has experience because the sex is ‘Wilde’. Although this is very different to what you normally get on Exploited College Girls, this is extremely hot.

In fact, her pussy is so good that it makes Tyler shoot his load early. You get a bonus cumshot halfway through the scene after just the first position – pronebone. Tyler blows his load all over her perky ass then they get back down to business.

One of the hottest parts of this scene is that Madison keeps her glasses on throughout the whole thing. She even let’s Tyler give her a facial with them on still. There are only a few scenes on the site like this, but for some reason its kinda hot.

So despite her not being a newbie, Madison Wilde still gave the performance of a lifetime. This is definitely a scene you don’t want to miss.

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