Kendra Sunderland – Vixen

Kendra Sunderland - Vixen

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This week’s big titted, sexy blonde update is Kendra Sunderland – Vixen.

Kendra lies in bed, waiting for her man to come home. She doesn’t know what he does or where his money comes from, but that doesn’t matter to her. All she knows is that she loves him and the luxurious experience of making love on a mattress covered in cash.

The anticipation of his arrival fills her with a passionate desire that is almost tangible. She imagines his strong arms wrapping around her and his lips pressed against hers, and her heart races with excitement. Kendra can hardly wait for him to come home.

When he finally arrives, Kendra is in a state of blissful euphoria. His presence in the room is like a calming balm that washes away all of her worries and anxieties. All she can think about is the pleasure that awaits them on the bed of money.

Kendra and her man come together in a passionate embrace. His fingertips travel lightly over her skin, setting off sparks of pleasure that ignite a flame of desire within her. Their bodies move together in perfect harmony and as Kendra looks into his eyes, she knows that she will never tire of this sensation.

The feeling of making love on a mattress covered in cash is like nothing else in the world. For Kendra, it is a reminder of how much her man loves her and how much he is willing to do to make her happy.

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