Justine HotMILFsFuck

Justine HotMILFsFuck
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Justine HotMILFsFuck

Justine HotMILFsFuck

Fuck Me Like You Mean It

Despite not being a first timer, Justine HotMILFsFuck is one of the hottest updates this year. In fact, this sexy brunette MILF will have you reaching for the tissues within seconds of watching.

Even though Justine Jakobs has filmed several hardcore porn scenes, she appears to have only started this month. With the backlog of insanely hot MILFs that this site features, it’s highly likely is from a while ago. Therefore it could definitely be her first ever professional scene.

You may think that at 41 years old Justine Jakobs couldn’t keep up with her younger counterparts, however she has already proven that wrong.

During her all-girl threesome for ExCoGi Girls she puts on the performance of a lifetime, despite being with am 18 year old and a 25 year old (click here to watch that).

It’s difficult to decide whether this vivacious older lady prefers pussy or cock, because she seems to love both. In fact, the only difference in her enjoy seems to come with her orgasm count.

Given that she only orgasmed three times in her lesbian threesome, and an incredible 21 times here, perhaps she likes dick slightly more. As a result, Justine has set the site record for most times squirting.

At one point, while in the pile driver position this sexy MILF starts to climax for the 12th time. Immediately she opens her mouth as her own juices cover her body.

A highlight of the scene comes at the end when Tyler joins her in the shower for a final fuck and facial.

If you want to watch Justine HotMILFsFuck video then make sure to sign up to HotMILFsFuck today. You can get a trial for just $1 if you just want to see what it’s all about.

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