Cotton HotMILFsFuck

Cotton HotMILFsFuck
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Cotton HotMILFsFuck

Cotton HotMILFsFuck

Cotton HotMILFsFuck review

Today’s update is Cotton HotMILFsFuck. She’s a sexy 29 year old MILF that hasn’t had sex since she broke up with her baby daddy five months ago. With a body count of just six, this is sure to be especially hot.

Despite her love of sex, Cotton Reed doesn’t do one night stands. In fact, she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 20 years old, and didn’t masturbate until she was 25. For this reason it really is shocking that she’s doing porn.

To begin with Tyler explores her hot MILF body. As can be seen, she has perfect natural tits with a spankable ass. Generally speaking he wants to get straight to the action, but with Cotton’s sexy body he spends time kissing and caressing her.

In addition to her looks, Cotton has a raw sexuality which may be surprising due to her low body count. Perhaps now she has decided to let her inner desires out and the way to do it is porn of course.

There’s certainly no better place to start your career than HotMILFsFuck. Not only do they exclusively shoot total newbies, but they are the hottest MILFs around.

Once Tyler has finished exploring Cotton’s body, it’s to get down to business. Obviously with her perfect natural tits, Tyler had to titty fuck them. It’s definitely a highlight of this video because it doesn’t happen often enough. He goes to town on her boobs and as shown above, it’s totally hot.

Because this is Cotton’s first time on camera you won’t be able to find her anywhere else. For this reason the only place you can watch her full video is if you sign up to HotMILFsFuck.

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